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  • Hybrid Entities and the EU Direct Tax Directives (11)
    Last Updated 12/29/2014
    Ton Stevens, Gijs Fibbe
  • Taxation of cross-border dividends paid to individuals from an EU perspective Positive and Negative Intergration (10)
    Last Updated 08/01/2012
    Erwin Nijkeuter
  • EC Free Movement of Capital, Corporate Income Taxation and Third Countries: Four Selected Issues (9)
    Daniël S. Smit, Ben J. Kiekebeld
  • Harmful Tax Competition in the European Union – Code of Conduct, Countermeasures and EU Law (8)
    Ben J. Kiekebeld
  • Pension Systems in the European Union: Competition an Tax Aspects (7)
    Leo Stevens, Humbert Drabbe, Gerry Dietvorst, Peter Kavelaars
  • Selected Issues in European Tax Law: The Legal Character of VAT and the Application of General Principles of Justice (6)
    Dirk Albregtse, Han Kogels (Eds)
  • Taxpayer Protection in the European Union (5)
    Dirk Albregtse, Henk van Arendonk (Eds)
  • Towards a Dual Income Tax? – Scandinavian and Austrian Experiences (4)
    Leif Muten, Peter B. Sørensen, Kåre P. Hagen, Bernd Genser
  • Neutrality and Subsidiarity in Taxation (3)
    Stephen Smith, René Barents
  • Taxation of Cross-Border Income, Harmonization, and Tax Neutrality under European Community Law – An Institutional Approach (2)
    Klaus Vogel, Johan Brands, Kees van Raad
  • Harmonization of Company Taxation in the European Community – Some comments on the Ruding Committee Report (1)
    Lans Bovenberg, Sijbren Cnossen, FJGW Vanistendael, JWB Westerburgen